HyperSound® Pro Audio Solutions is a new generation of audio technology that is changing the way brands think about in-store media. Our solutions offer the unique ability to create customized audio zones that are proven to increase sales and dwell time across a broad range of consumers1.

1POPAI In Association with JMS – HyperSound Final Report, UK & Ireland. (March 2015).

What is HyperSound® Pro?

HyperSound® is a disruptive audio innovation that is highly-directional and can drive immersive, audio experiences where you want it.

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Types of Applications

Many types of industries leverage HyperSound® Pro Audio’s extremely focused sound technology to create audio zones surrounding product displays and promotional content.

Hypersound Applications

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How does it work?

HyperSound® Pro Audio technology is an innovation in audio that uses a thin film to generate an ultrasonic beam of sound. Like a flashlight controls a ray of light, HyperSound® Pro Audio directs sound in a narrow beam limiting it to a specific location, creating a precise audio zone.

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