HyperSound® Pro Audio is a disruptive audio innovation that is highly-directional and can drive immersive, virtual reality audio experiences within commercial applications. HyperSound® Pro Audio’s proprietary technology provides an effective means of projecting sound in a highly directional manner, without using large loudspeaker arrays, to form sharp directional beams. This is the most directional audio solution available — giving designers the unique ability to control the footprint of audio.


10-3004-01-00 (Black)
10-3004-01-01 (White)
10-3003-01-00 (Black)
10-3003-01-01 (White)
A (1) HyperSound® Pro speaker (2) HyperSound® Pro speakers
B (1) set of red & black speaker cables with banana connectors
(1) audio cable
(2) set of red & black speaker cables with banana connectors
(1) audio cable
C (1) amplifier (1) amplifier
D (1) 30 volt DC power supply (1) 30 volt DC power supply

When sound is directional, it travels along a specific path with minimal dispersion. Think of it in terms of light: a traditional loudspeaker is like a bare light bulb, radiating sound in all directions around the room. Directional audio is like a flashlight, emitting sound in a highly controlled, narrow beam.

Directional audio speaker

HyperSound® technology produces an immersive effect, similar to wearing headphones. With one step a listener can enter or exit a zone of fully intelligible sound, experiencing a difference in aural perception as abrupt as if they’d flipped on a power switch. Designers can use HyperSound® Pro Audio speakers to project a sound beam to a precisely targeted location, creating a private listening zone in a public place.

WHITE PAPER: HyperSound® Pro Audio Technology Introduction